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27.05.20, Degrowth talks

27. Mai,19:00 - 21:00

Topic – Green New Deal and political economy of degrowth

Where: YoutubeChannel ->

When: 27.05.20, 6p.m BST

What is degrowth?

Degrowth is a multifaceted concept that escapes single definitions.

One of them defines it as a movement as well as a call for radical social, political and economic transformation, associated with a democratically-led and equitable reduction of resource, material and energy throughput, starting from the overdeveloped West, aimed at improving well-being, ecological  sustainability and global justice.

A degrowth economy would be decolonised, democratised, based on care and the commons, and it would translate into an abundance of meaningful convivial time.

Degrowth is a dialectical, pluralistic, subversive and open-ended utopia: a call for an altogether new, qualitatively different world that will evolve through confrontation with the existing one.

Degrowth is not alone. It is just one among many alternatives to development. All these worldviews and practices compose the Pluriverse: “A world where many worlds fit”, as the Zapatistas say.


27. Mai
19:00 - 21:00


UK Degrowth Summer School 2020